New technical guides on the International Heights Reference Frame

Due to the objectives that SIRGAS carries out through its Working Group III to contribute to the development of regional geodesy, two technical guides on the International Heights Reference Frame (IHRF) have been published.

The first document developed by the Working Group III is called “Guidelines for IHRF station selection” and describes requirements and recommendations for the selection and implementation of an IHRF station. The guide is aimed at institutions that already have a station planned in the calculation of the first IHRF implementation, and at agencies that wish to propose new stations to integrate into the IHRF.

The second document is entitled “Guidelines for performing gravimetric measurements around IHRF stations” and describes the relevant requirements and recommendations for making land gravimetric measurements around IHRF stations through the use of relative gravimeters.

Both documents were developed in Spanish, Portuguese and English, and can be downloaded from the SIRGAS website:

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