2021 SIRGAS Symposium

A new edition of the SIRGAS Symposium will take place from November 29 to December 1, 2021. The main goal of the 2021 SIRGAS Symposium is to convene the geodetic community of the Americas and the Caribbean to exchange experiences and progress, as well as discuss new projects related to the implementation, maintenance, and use […]

New Experimental Processing Center SIRGAS in Costa Rica

The National Geographic Institute of Costa Rica (IGN-CR) begins activities as an Experimental Processing Center SIRGAS from GPS week 2170 (August 8, 2021). The main characteristics of this new Experimental Center are: Name: National Geographic Institute of Costa Rica Abbreviation: CRI Processed stations: AACR ALEC AMCR BEJA BNGA BOAV BOGT BQLA CANO CIQE CJ01 CN19 COEC […]

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