SIRGAS-CON Coordinates | Maps

While the two first SIRGAS realizations, SIRGAS95 and SIRGAS2000, are based on episodic GPS campaigns, the third and present SIRGAS realization is given by a network of continuously operating GNSS stations distributed over Latin America. This network, called SIRGAS-CON, is presently composed of about 400 stations and is routinely processed by the SIRGAS Analysis Centres to provide an accurate and up-to-date SIRGAS reference frame realization. Multi-year (cumulative) solutions providing positions and velocities for the SIRGAS-CON stations allow the maintenance of the SIRGAS reference frame between two releases of the ITRF. While a new ITRF release is published more or less every five years, the SIRGAS reference frame multi-year solutions are updated every one or two years. This is especially required, when strong earthquakes disable the use of ITRF coordinates in the region. The SIRGAS cumulative solutions include those models, standards, and strategies widely applied at the time in which the input normal equations were computed and their time spans are accordingly extended to include additional available weekly network solutions. To increase the reliability of the SIRGAS reference frame, the historical SIRGAS GNSS data are occasionally reprocessed to take into account new analysis standards and models following the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) and the International GNSS Service (IGS).

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