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SIRGAS 2024 School Presentation


GNSS positioning techniques and procedures have experienced a true evolution, mainly related to equipment and new technology, improvements in CORS station coverage; and new generation of telecommunications (for example 5G, hotspots, WiFi, etc.), mainly related to the Internet of Things. This technological evolution undoubtedly facilitates the implementation of precise positioning techniques in real time, based on PPP techniques, NTRIP protocol and mainly on the SIRGAS infrastructure at the regional level.

From November 12 to 15, 2024, the third SIRGAS “Real Time” School will take place. The School will take place in person at the Institute Geographic Agustín Codazzi, in Bogotá, Colombia.

The general purpose of the School is to strengthen technical capabilities, update knowledge and share experiences among participants, regarding Real-Time Precise Positioning Services, implemented in the countries of the SIRGAS region and contributions at a global level.
The school is an excellent opportunity to prepare new students, young scientists and technicians from cartographic agencies in charge of national CORS Networks, through the transfer of knowledge and tools aimed at implementing free services in real time, in each of their countries; and in this way, open opportunities for users related to the GNSS positioning industry, engineering, research and related activities.
In general terms, it is proposed to address the following topic:
  • State of the Art of RT Services
  • Theoretical component related to RT services
  • NTRIP protocol, implementation of a Caster server based on BKG software.
  • PPP Services
  • Practice component with GNSS equipment.
For better use of the knowledge that will be taught at the School, it is necessary that attendees have basic knowledge about the following topics:
  • GNSS Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Installation, configuration of CORS stations
  • Surveying, information gathering using GNSS rover equipment.
  • Reference and coordinate systems.
Data networks
  • TCP/IP protocol
  • o IP Addressing
  • o Communication ports
  • o Gateway Gateway
  • o Basic knowledge of the NTRIP protocol
Linux operating system
  • Operation and execution of commands by terminal
A maximum number of 25 attendees is planned,registration requests will be accepted until September 2, 2024, using the following form: 

   Organizing Committee:

  • Gustavo Marulanda (IGAC Director)
  • Col. Gustavo Caubarrère (President of SIRGAS)
  • Salomão Soares (Vice President of SIRGAS)
  • José Antonio Tarrío Mosquera (GTI-USACH)
  • Demián David Gómez (OSU, USA)
  • Gabriel Do Nascimento Guimarães (UFU)
  • Melvin Jesús Hoyer Romero (University of Zulia, Venezuela)
  • David Alexander Cisneros Revelo (SIRGAS RT Work Team, IGM Ecuador)
  • Corporal 2nd Laura Camacho (SIRGAS)
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