Workshop “Vertical Reference System”

From November 2th to 4th was held the Vertical Reference System Workshop exploring topics related to the unification of the vertical datum for the SIRGAS country members, according to the guidelines and actions directed towards the materialization of the IHRS (International Height Reference System). The workshop main objective was to contribute to the training process of researchers, professionals, and technicians of the Americas who participate in the investigation, definition, and updating of national vertical reference frames and systems based on the processing of gravimetric and classical leveling information. The attendees were trained in the use of program packages developed by the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) and SIRGAS, which are freely distributed for those organizations dedicated for the materialization of national geodetic reference frames, or that contribute to the activities and research carried out by SIRGAS.

This workshop was coordinated jointly with the Military Geographic Institute of Chile at the facilities of the Bernardo O’Higgins University and was given in Spanish by Dr. Gabriel do Nascimento Guimarães (Federal University of Uberlândia) and Hernán Javier Guagni from the Institute National Geographic of Argentina. The workshop participation accomplished Fourteen professionals from 7 countries of the American continent.


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