SIRGAS 2022 Symposium

The next SIRGAS Symposium will be held in the city of Santiago de Chile, November 7-9, 2022, thanks to the invitation offered by the Instituto Geográfico Militar (IGM) of Chile, in celebration of its 100th anniversary. The geodetic community of the Americas and the Caribbean will gather during this event to formulate new projects and exchange experiences and progress related to the implementation, maintenance and use of the geodetic reference frame and infrastructure of the region.

In addition, the Vertical Reference System Workshop will take place the week before the Symposium, November 2-4 2022, which will cover topics related to the unification of the vertical reference in the SIRGAS member states, as well as the guidelines and actions planned for the materialization of the IHRS (International Height Reference System).

This edition of the SIRGAS Symposium and the Vertical Reference System Workshop is jointly organized with the Military Geographic Institute of Chile, and has the support of the Pan-American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH) and the International Association of Geodesy (IAG).

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