New technical guides of SIRGAS Working Group I

Within the framework of the objectives that SIRGAS carries out through its Working Group I to contribute to the development of regional geodesy, three new technical guides are made available to users on the activities carried out by the Working Group for the Determination of the Geocentric Reference Frame, according to IAG, IGS and IERS standards.

The first document developed by Working Group I is called “Guidelines for the coordination of the SIRGAS network” and describes the functional organization chart of the SIRGAS Working Group I and the SIRGAS-CON network, establishing the responsibilities and commitments of all the organizations and professionals involved.

The second document is entitled “Guidelines for the installation, operation and registration of SIRGAS-CON stations” and describes the guidelines, recommendations and commitments to install, operate and register a station in the SIRGAS-CON geodetic network.

The last document is called “Guidelines for SIRGAS-CON analysis centers” and presents the standards, guidelines and recommendations for processing SIRGAS-CON stations that any SIRGAS Analysis Center must apply.

The three documents were developed in Spanish and English, and can be downloaded from the SIRGAS website:

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