New SIRGAS web site:

In October 2002, the SIRGAS Directing Council decided the implementation of a web page summarising the main characteristics of SIRGAS. The design, maintenance and update of the SIRGAS web page was defined as a responsibility of the SIRGAS President and Vice-president. The first version of the SIRGAS web page was hosted by the Instituto Brasileiro […]

Event: Geodetic Activities in the Americas

As part of the communication program of the geodetic activities carried out in the Americas and the Caribbean, SIRGAS invites the geodetic community to participate in the webinar “Geodetic activities in the Americas“. The following presentations will be held there: Venezuela, aiming at the reestablishment of the national geodetic system For some years, Venezuela has […]

Webinar: The new International Gravity Reference System (IGRS) and its materialization (IGRF)

Abstract: The increasing importance of terrestrial gravimetry requires a stable reference system that reflects the precision achieved by modern gravimeters. Over the past decade, the International Association for Geodesy (IAG) has developed a system for achieving accurate, homogeneous, long-term global monitoring of the Earth’s gravity field, while harnessing the potential of current absolute gravity measurements. […]

New SIRGAS statute and SIRGAS 2020 Resolutions

During the SIRGAS2020 virtual Symposium, the SIRGAS Board of Directors approved an updated and extended version of the SIRGAS statute and generated a series of Resolutions related to the creation of the GRFA Working Group within the UN-GGIM Regional Committee: Americas, the Plan of SIRGAS work for the year 2021, the development of a new […]

New Experimental Processing Center SIRGAS in Peru

The National Geographic Institute of Peru (IGN-Pe) begins activities as an Experimental Processing Center SIRGAS from GPS week 2120 (August 23, 2020). The main characteristics of this new Experimental Center are: Name: National Geographic Institute of Peru Abbreviation: PER Processed stations: AACR ABMF ABPW AM04 AMTE AN02 ANDS AP01 AQ01 ARCA AREQ AY02 BECE BEJA […]

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