Analysis of the SIRGAS-CON network

The SIRGAS-CON network is weekly processed; station positions are daily computed, and the seven individual daily solutions corresponding to a GPS week are combined in one weekly solution. The SIRGAS-CON stations are classified in a core network (SIRGAS-C), with a continental coverage, and several densification networks, which correspond to the national reference networks (SIRGAS-N). The SIRGAS-C core network is processed by the IGS RNAAC SIRGAS. The SIRGAS-N national networks are computed by the SIRGAS Local Processing Centres. The loosely constrained weekly solutions individually calculated for the national networks are combined with the loosely constrained weekly solution calculated for the SIRGAS-C core network to obtain compatible station positions and velocities in a continental level. The SIRGAS coordinates are at available. This server is maintained and managed by the IGS RNAAC SIRGAS. Data flow and relationship between Operational Centres, National Data Centres, Processing Centres, and Combination Centres is coordinated by the SIRGAS-WGI (Reference System).

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