Registration for the XIV – International School on The Determination and Use of the Geoid


Registration for this event has now closed. We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

School places are limited. Priority will be given to participants working on the computation of gravimetric geoids and the unification of the vertical datum.

Once the pre-registration period has ended, a selection process will be carried out to determine who can attend the event. A confirmation will be sent to the selected participants via email or other contact method provided during pre-registration.

Attendees should have basic knowledge of the following topics:

  • Concepts of Physical Geodesy
  • Concepts on gravimetric measurements
  • Altimetric data concepts
  • Concepts on calculation and use of Digital Elevation Models
  • Concepts on Global Geopotential Models

Prior to school it is recommended to read the book:

Torge, W., & Müller, J. (2012). Geodesy. In Geodesy. From Gruyter.



Onsite participants will bring their own computers to the venue. This includes power cables and other equipment necessary to run the computer.



If you want to contact the Local Organizing Committee, fill in the form below.