Registration for the “Real-Time” School


Those interested in attending the event must register through the form for attendees before September 02, 2024

Important: Those registered must present a Letter of Endorsement, designated by the National Representative of their country, since the School will take as a priority those people who are part of institutions and/or centers that have management of GNSS Networks or need to implement them.

Once the pre-registration period has ended, a selection process will be carried out to determine who can attend the event. A confirmation will be sent to the selected participants via email or other contact method provided during pre-registration.

For better use of the knowledge that will be taught at the School, it is necessary that attendees have basic knowledge about the following topics:


  • GNSS Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Installation, configuration of CORS stations
  • Surveying, information gathering using GNSS rover equipment.
  • Reference and coordinate systems.

Data networks

  • TCP/IP protocol
  • o IP Addressing
  • o Communication ports
  • o Gateway Gateway
  • o Basic knowledge of the NTRIP protocol

Linux operating system

  • Operation and execution of commands by terminal

A maximum number of 25 attendees is planned, registration requests will be accepted until September 2, 2024



Onsite participants will bring their own computers to the venue. This includes power cables and other equipment necessary to run the computer.



If you want to contact the Local Organizing Committee, fill in the form below.