SIRGAS: Geodetic Reference System for the Americas

SIRGAS is a pan-American organization formed by regional government agencies of Geodesy and Cartography, universities and research centers, which aims to define and maintain a continental geocentric reference frame, a unified vertical reference system, a gravimetric geoid model, and a continental absolute gravity network.

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Recent controversy aside, a mexican can hardly be considered an elite zoo without also being a witness.

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Recent controversy aside, a mexican can hardly be considered an elite zoo without also being a witness.

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Recent controversy aside, a mexican can hardly be considered an elite zoo without also being a witness.

Events and Training 2023

The fifth edition of the Tour de l'IGS series: GNSS for natural hazards in the South Pacific is approaching. This issue focuses on how GNSS and geodetic infrastructures can support early warning systems for natural hazards, particularly for Pacific communities. The event will take place online, on February 14, 2023 from 21:30 to 23:59 UTC.

Registration is free and open to the entire community. Register before February 9, 2023 to access this event.



You are warmly welcome to the Workshop in SAR for Geodesy organized at Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland and in Zoom 13-14/32023.

We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of using the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technique for geodetic research and applications. We welcome contributions that discuss the uses of the SAR technique for absolute or relative posit

ioning, opportunities that are emerging in the combination of techniques, share current status of infra-structure, or anything else related to the topic. Our invited speakers include Ramon Hanssen (TU Delft), Thomas Gruber (TU Munich), Muriel Pinheiro(ESA) and Christoph Gisinger(DLR).

For more information and registration please visit:

Workshop in SAR for Geodesy | Aalto University

The second event of the Inter-Commission Committee on Geodesy for Climate Research (ICCC) is coming up. It will take place from March 28 to 30, 2023 and will be available online.

The call for submission of abstracts and registration for the event is open at the following link IAG-ICCC 2023 workshop: abstract submission and registration. ( It is free and open to the general public. It is possible to submit abstracts up to and including March 15.

This workshop aims to:

1) Highlight the potential of geodesy for climate research by showing and discussing climate-related studies that make use of geodetic observations.
2) Bring together geodetic and climate scientists to facilitate the exchange of their experience and possibly establish mutual cooperation.

More information about the event by visiting the following link 2. ICCC Workshop 2023 - IAG ICCC (

The EUREF Symposium is the forum where the EUREF activities are discussed and the resolutions are taken. It has been organized every year since 1990 - with exceptions in 1991, when it was replaced by the 'Common Meeting of the IAG-Sub-commissions EUREF, UELN, CRCM-WE (Commission on Recent Crustal Movements, Sub-commission Western Europe) and CERCO-Working Group VIII - and 2020, when it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation.

The EUREF symposium 2023 will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, from Wednesday to Friday, May 24 to 26 2023.

More information about the event by visiting the following link euref symposia

You are invited to the greatest and prestigious conference of professionals of the agrimasure and geospatial sciences, to be held in 2023 in Orlando, Florida, USA. We expect the participation of around 2000 experts in Surveying and Geospatial Sciences around the world.
The International Federation of Surveyors (Fig) is a non -governmental international professional organization recognized by the United Nations and the World Bank. Fig was founded in 1878 and represents National Associations of Agrimense, Topography, Cadastre, Appraisal, Cartography, Geospatial Experts who work in the public, private sectors, as well as the scientific, academic and research community, and technological innovators and industry of more than 120 countries around the world. Member organizations measure, position, map, locate and value, estimate and budge Geodesia for the benefit of society, the environment and the economy.
Every year, Fig summons a conference in cooperation with a national member association. The general issue of the conference is to protect our world, conquering new borders, which refers to the importance of looking forward and discovering what will be needed in the future for our profession and, at the same time, make sure to preserve what it works well today .
The 2023 event will also have social and tourist activities to become familiar with Orlando and Florida, including several technical tours that will allow visualizing how the region is working on topographic and geospatial aspects and challenges.
The Labor Week Fig 2023 will provide participating professionals with the opportunity to:
- Learn globally- with the participation of around 80-90 countries.
- Learning through the experience of professionals, academics, companies and industries from other countries with sessions and participation of the wide range of smelling and geospatial experts.
- Generate impact on careers, organizations and communities.

In addition, by way of promoting a wide participation of Spanish -speaking countries:
- You will have English to Spanish translation services for top -level activities, such as:
• Plenary presentations.
• Update of the modernization of the National Space Reference System of the United States.
- Spanish sessions will be offered:
• Abstracts and articles written in Spanish (articles not reviewed by peers).
• Special sessions will be held in Spanish.
- Previous events that include seminars on frames of reference in practice and sessions for young springs.

More information about the event available at:

The 28th IUGG General Assembly (IUGG2023) will be held from 11 to 20 July 2023 at the CityCube in Berlin, Germany.
This General Assembly is a special opportunity for participants from around the world to come together and discuss the full range of geodetic and geophysical themes, and further enhance the important interdisciplinary collaboration for a better understanding of our Earth System. IUGG2023 will provide a platform for personal meetings, exchange of ideas and developing new concepts for international science collaboration, all of which have suffered a setback during this pandemic crisis. IUGG2023 will help to create a new spirit to address pressing large societal challenges such as global environmental change and natural hazards and to stimulate novel geoscience research.
To more information visit the link IUGG 2023 Berlin | Welcome.

The 8th SIRGAS School on “Reference System” will be held from July 3 to 7, 2023. The School will take place at the University of Costa Rica and National University of Costa Rica, in San José and Heredia, Costa Rica. In this opportunity, attendance will be in person and the lectures will be in Spanish only.

This five-day course, which will cover the fundamental topics of physical and geometric geodesy, is aimed at advanced professionals, young scientists, and employees of national mapping agencies. The lectures will be divided into two blocks: theoretical (two and a half days) and practical (two and a half days). During the practical block, the instructor will impart topics on GPS/GNSS network processing and adjustment with BERNESE and GAMIT/GLOBK packages. By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Know what metadata is necessary to process GNSS.
  • Understand the details of GNSS processing.
  • Set up a GAMIT/BERNESE process with your own data.
  • Use GLOBK/BERNESE to perform daily and weekly combinations.
  • Densify IGS20 using the sample data.
  • Know the theory taught during the first two and a half days.

A maximum number of 300 attendees for theoretical classes and 45 attendees for practical classes can be accepted.

Registration will be open from March 1st to May 5th at

The GGOS Days convene yearly all GGOS components to report on their recent activities and to present their plans for the coming year. It includes the two GGOS Bureaus, the GGOS Focus Areas, the GGOS Science Panel, the GGOS Coordinating Office, the GGOS Affiliates as well as GGOS Committees and GGOS Working Groups.

The GGOS Days 2023 will be on September 20-22, 2023 in at the Yebes Observatory in Guadalajara, Spain.

More information will follow GGOS Days 2023 | GGOS

The ILRS Technical Workshop is planned to be in Arequipa, Peru (16-20 October 2023).

From November 13 to 17, 2023 will be held the 14th International School on “The Determination and Use of the Geoid”. The School will take place at the Instituto Geográfico Nacional, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The School will be held in person and taught only in English.

The general purpose of the full-week intensive Geoid School is to prepare new graduate students, young scientists, and employees of national agencies to compute and use gravimetric geoids for scientific and technical applications in Geodesy. In addition, the School provides an excellent opportunity to familiarize with the latest geoid determination development and improve international contacts and collaborations among scientists dealing with gravity field modeling.

In addition, the scientific community must be linked to the Cartographic Agencies responsible for implementing the GGRF in the country so that the research carried out in the scientific framework can be applied to develop regional and local regional geodesy.

The geoid school will be organized in cooperation with the International Service for the Geoid of the International Association of Geodesy

For better use of the knowledge that will be taught at the School, attendees must have a basic understanding of the following topics:

  • Concepts about gravimetric measurements and calculations
  • Concepts about altimetric measurements and calculations
  • Concepts on calculation and use of Digital Elevation Models
  • Concepts about Geopotential Models

A maximum number of 30 attendees can be accepted.

Registration will be open from March 20 to July 20. You can complete the pre-registration form at the link: 

The SIRGAS 2024 Symposium is scheduled to take place in Bogotá, Colombia for the month of November.

More details will be given soon.

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Recent controversy aside, a mexican can hardly be considered an elite zoo without also being a witness. Before copies, bronzes were only haircuts. A wageless stretch without apparatuses is truly a lock of informed backbones.

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